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 barron park donkeys in palo alto

Barron Park Donkeys

The Barron Park Donkeys represent an historic tradition dating back to the 1930s when Josina and Cornelis Bol cared for a small herd on their property, land that would later become Bol Park. The park opened in 1974, a year before Barron Park was annexed into Palo Alto, and as a result of neighbors taxing themselves to create the park. When Josina Bol passed away in 1996, neighborhood volunteers “adopted” Mickey and brought Niner and Perry to be his new companions. The community enjoyed the Bol donkeys and the neighbors saw the benefit of continuing the tradition that continues to this day. Our current donkeys are a miniature named Perry and Jenny, a standard donkey.

Care for the donkeys is provided by volunteer Donkey Handlers, and all financial support comes from charitable donations and goes directly to the care and feeding of the donkeys.